An innovative software solution that helps you and your organization understand trends in human trafficking, spot victims of exploitation, and coordinate quality care.


Better data saves lives

88% of trafficking victims say they interacted with a professional who missed the chance to identify and help them.1


Preventing Exploitation Before it Starts

Lighthouse is a powerful, secure, cloud-based technology platform. Organizations working with vulnerable populations use Lighthouse to screen for sex trafficking and improve client care. Statewide agencies, like Governors and Attorney Generals Offices, use Lighthouse to see aggregated statewide data in one dashboard to see hotspots, evaluate strategies, and make informed investments. Lighthouse uses all of that data to predict and prevent exploitation before it starts.

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Lighthouse in Use

See how over 192 organizations and more than 1,889 professionals across Texas and Louisiana are using Lighthouse

Lighthouse in Louisiana

Learn more about how Lighthouse is equipping the LA Governor’s Office with better Data
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Lighthouse in Texas

Learn about the role of data in Texas' anti-trafficking movement
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Stop Exploitation in its Tracks


Innovative and easy-to-use, Lighthouse shines a light on the signs of exploitation, so you can better recognize people who need your help.


Lighthouse helps groups and organizations work together to deliver targeted care and build stronger safety nets for survivors.


Using statewide data, Lighthouse delivers timely insights so decision makers can understand and respond quickly to trafficking in their communities.

"I believe that this is helping us have more enhanced services for children. We use Lighthouse to show our board of directors the work that we’re doing. We’re also using it for grantors to share that information out of the county commissioners court so that they know the work that we’re doing."

- Jesús Sanchez, Executive Director,
The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo & Starr Counties