The problem of trafficking

Slavery doesn’t just exist in remote communities thousands of miles away. Slavery exists where you live and represents one of the largest human rights challenges society faces today.

That reality drives our unwavering commitment to eradicate human trafficking and protect freedom and dignity — a mission we’ve advanced since 2010.

When we partnered with the University of Texas to publish Human Trafficking By the Numbers: the Initial Benchmark of Prevalence & Economic Impact For Texas and discovered that there were an estimated 313,000 people in Texas were victims of trafficking, we set out to identify those individuals and help guide them to freedom.

Our Lighthouse software was built to accomplish that goal. Since the launch of Lighthouse, we have served both Texas and Louisiana with over 180 sites screening with our software to identify victims, coordinate care, and share key data insights — and we aren’t stopping there.

We are focused on growing our impact to help those still experiencing exploitation. If you are interested in bringing Lighthouse to your state, please reach out to our team here.

Our story isn’t just Allies’ story — it's the story of modern-day abolitionists working together and using data to free people from human trafficking. We hope you will join us.