​​Using Data to Free People from Human Trafficking

A New Approach

The number of people living in modern slavery worldwide increased by 20% in the last five years. The strategies and solutions of the past two decades are falling short.

It’s time for a new approach.

One catalyzed by data and technology, centered on survivors, and driven toward outcomes that prevent exploitation and protect dignity.

Designing for the Field

Case managers, advocates, and other field professionals want to effectively identify victims and provide them the best possible care.

Governor’s Offices, Attorney’s Generals, and other state leaders want to understand what trafficking looks like at scale so they can make better decisions and investments.

Researchers, specialists, and experts want better sources of trafficking data to expand their research and publish new findings.

It’s time for a survivor-centered data solution that is powerful, secure, collaborative, and actionable.

Equipping Partners

We give partners the unique advantage they need to overcome the barriers they face.

Lighthouse is easy to deploy, and even easier to use. Once trained, hundreds of users across an organization can securely manage client information, use a validated screening tool, and instantly visualize data.

Partners are successfully tracking program outcomes, evaluating the effectiveness of services, and layering disparate datasets to gain new insights.

Lighthouse is a force multiplier in their work to end human trafficking.

Using Data to Predict and Prevent

We don’t just collect data for data’s sake.

Data can return dignity to survivors by making their experiences visible to others. And it can help the movement stay one step ahead of traffickers.

It’s time to be proactive instead of reactive.

Lighthouse has become one of the largest, best sources of data on human trafficking, enabling us to predict who is vulnerable to trafficking, why, and what can be done in their community to build resilience.

Because problems that are predictable are preventable.

Educating and Advocating

Lighthouse has kickstarted a virtuous cycle: more partners leads to more data leads to more insights. And ultimately, better solutions.

With the Lighthouse network, we’re advancing new knowledge, new policies, and new practices. Together we’re educating the field, advocating with and for survivors, and charting a course for the future of the movement.  

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