We build data platforms and partnerships to accelerate solutions to human trafficking.

Data Driving Progress

Over 50 million people live in slave-like conditions today, around the world and around the corner. We use data to free people from human trafficking. Since 2010, we have worked to break down silos, build networks, and shine a light to help the most vulnerable.
Built by Allies, Lighthouse is an innovative software that aggregates statewide data, trends, and insights in one place - to help field professionals, leaders, and policy makers better serve trafficking survivors.

Identify victims

Innovative and easy-to-use, Lighthouse shines a light on the signs of exploitation, so you can better recognize people who need your help.

COORdinate care

Lighthouse helps groups and organizations work together to deliver targeted care and build stronger safety nets for survivors.

understand trends

Using statewide data, Lighthouse delivers timely insights so decision makers can understand and respond quickly to trafficking in their communities.

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A Beacon of Hope

How data is reshaping the movement to end human trafficking and the network of everyday Texans driving it.

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Myths of Trafficking

Common myths and misconceptions about trafficking and how we can work to fight against them.

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Lighthouse in Louisiana

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding. We will be deploying Lighthouse in Louisiana to identify victims of trafficking.

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Lightkeepers make sure the light never stops shining, especially during life-threatening storms. When you become a Lightkeeper, you join a community of smart, engaged donors on an urgent mission to make sure our Lighthouse platform keeps guiding trafficking victims and survivors to freedom.

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