The State of trafficking in louisiana

Human trafficking is the crime of using force, fraud, or coercion to compel a person into commercial sex acts or labor against their will. Each year in Louisiana, hundreds of victims — of all ages, genders, and ethnicities — have been identified as human trafficking victims. Louisiana began collecting annual data on human trafficking in 2014.
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Individuals Served in 2023

confirmed, suspected, and unknown victims received services in 2023.

confirmed victims


suspected victims


6.778 individuals were served from 2017-2023

By Demographic


17 and Under
18 and Over




Sexual Orientation


Education Level

Immigration Status

In 2023, 84% of victims reported identified as female and 83% of victims were under the age of 17 years old.

Types of trafficking

Sex Trafficking


Labor Trafficking


BOTH sex and labor trafficking


In 2023, the majority of individuals were categorized as sex trafficking (86%) and comparatively few as labor trafficking (4%) or both sex and labor (2%).

Trafficking Location by Parish

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This data was reported by 65 agencies in 2023 as part of the annual statewide data collection, as required by statute.

To learn more about the human trafficking response in Louisiana or to submit data for 2024, please email the Governor’s Office of Human Trafficking Prevention at

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Across data submitted from 43 statewide agencies:
found to be aged 17 and under.


The majority of individuals served in 2022 were African American (53%) and White (39%). This is a significant change from 2021, when the results were 41% African American and 47% White. The results for race in 2022 were consistent for ages 17 and under and ages 18 and over, compared with all ages.