Our Team is Growing!

November 22, 2023

It has been a landmark year for Allies in more ways than one, and we're thrilled to share some exciting updates with you! As we head into Thanksgiving, we are grateful to call you partner in this work.

🌟 New Hires Enriching Our Team!

We're delighted to welcome three exceptional individuals to Allies, each bringing unique skills and experiences.



πŸš€ Madeleine: Legal Expertise with Heart
Madeleine, one of our new Product Analysts, brings four years of legal expertise in complex commercial real estate. While working in private practice, she spearheaded a project with SMU Law students, collecting and coding data on federal human trafficking prosecutions β€” an experience that will be crucial in ensuring Lighthouse Data accuracy.



πŸŽ‰ Deniz: Bridging Data and Impact
A recent graduate from UC Berkeley, our new Product Analyst, Deniz, combines a B.A. in Data Science and Political Science with a passion for social impact. Her dedication to bridging data gaps is evident with her experience working with international think tanks in Turkey. We're excited to see the impact of her work unfold.



🌍 Megan: Strategic Addition to Allies
With an impressive background in big tech, Megan brings her strategic prowess to Allies. She'll lead our grant management, donor engagement efforts, and offer holistic support in our fundraising efforts. Megan's track record in closing some of Oracle's first major cloud deals and scaling pre-sales at Airtable is matched only by her passion for social justice.


As our Allies team continues to grow, we are deeply appreciative of the diverse and exceptional skills that our new team members bring to the table. We are equally grateful for your support! We couldn't have done this without the generosity of our donors.

Discover more about the remarkable backgrounds of our newest members and the impactful ways they're shaping our mission! Click here to explore how they'll contribute to our collective pursuit of a world free from human trafficking.


🀝 Allies Team Offsite Highlights!

Two days of connection, visioning, and planning weren't just fun but also incredibly impactful.

In a world where teams can work from anywhere, there's magic in coming together. Our Data Manager, Eva Garrido, jetted in from Belgium, Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Vanessa BouchΓ©, brought her brilliance from Dallas, and Laura Hackney of AnnieCannons joined us all the way from NYC.


Left to right: Dr. Vanessa BouchΓ©, Eva Garrido, Tally Jorn, Becky Austen, John Nehme, Quinn Kenney, Grace Dai, Laura Hackney, Torey Tipton, and Lori Hutchison


CEO John Nehme shared, "What we accomplished in these two days would've taken us two months elsewhere. I'm inspired by each team member and their unique gifts and skills!”

A huge thank you to our fantastic Google Ambassador, Lori Hutchison, for hosting us at the Google offices and adding some necessary structure to our discussions.


The Allies Team