Lightkeepers Collective Launch

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am often asked, “How are you able to face something as dark as human trafficking every day?”

The truth is I believe, as Martin Luther King Jr. stated so poignantly, that light has the power to drive out darkness. The examples of those who have overcome trafficking, and of those who are working to end it, remind me that darkness isn’t the end of the story. They give me courage and hope each day.

Light as a source of hope in darkness is the inspiration for a new initiative we’re launching called the Lightkeepers Collective — a community of monthly donors who are using data to free people from human trafficking.

People who take care of lighthouses are called lightkeepers. Their job is to make critical repairs and ensure the light never stops shining, especially during life-threatening storms. When you become a Lightkeeper with Allies, you join a community of smart, engaged donors on an urgent mission to make sure our Lighthouse platform keeps guiding trafficking victims and survivors to freedom.

The Lightkeepers Collective is about shining a light and making a sustainable impact. Your $50 monthly donation can help Lighthouse identify and protect 12 people from sex trafficking every year. And you get exclusive quarterly impact reports and access to live virtual stakeholder meetings.

It is an honor to stand with you in this work, and I invite you to consider becoming a Lightkeeper. Together we can use data to free people from human trafficking – one donation, one survivor, one month at a time.

Side by side,