We are on a mission to help communities and cities create holistic solutions to human trafficking and modern slavery. Join us.



Become A Sustaining Member

Sustaining Allies members help lay a strong foundation for a slave-free city. 



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From justice parties to book clubs, you can get involved and advocate for Allies.



Learn About Modern Slavery

Over 21 million people are enslaved today, around the world and around the corner.

 We each have the opportunity to end slavery, and we can do it best by working together. Watch the video to see the power of collective action. 

There are many ways organizations address modern slavery.
Here are three things that make us different. 

Local Capacity Building

We equip ordinary abolitionists and increase the capacity of communities to locally address slavery.  

Cross-Sector Partnerships

We enlist diverse partners from 8 key fields across the public, private and social sectors.

The Slave-Free City Network

Our collective impact initiative in Austin, Tx, aligns key stakeholders toward data driven outcomes.