You don’t need more advice - you need to find real solutions to the complex problem of human trafficking. We can help.

Our Team

Our team has deep expertise in the U.S. anti-trafficking field at the local, state and national level. We draw from experience in direct service work, victim advocacy, survivor leadership, program development, collaborative problem solving, strategy design, research and policy to inform our consultation services. In addition, Allies offers a unique capability of forging collaborative partnerships across multiple sectors and types of organizations. We draw from those partnerships to add value through our consultation services as expert facilitators and deliver a truly comprehensive approach to addressing human trafficking.

Our Offerings

  • Technical Assistance and Research
    • Our team can help you learn about best practices, provide expertise on program design, envision new services and continuums of care, create implementation plans and build the capacity of you and your team/agency to respond to human trafficking.
  • Facilitation and Solution Workshops
    • You need to build collaborative partnerships, convene diverse stakeholders and move a group forward to achieve greater impact. We play the role of facilitator and create powerful workshops that help you and your partners unlock collective insights and align around shared solutions.
  • Training and Speaking
    • From faith groups and galas to conferences and community meetings, we can tailor our presentations and trainings to meet your needs. Our speakers can cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:
      • General information on human trafficking, international and domestic
      • Human trafficking in the United States
      • Legal definitions of human trafficking and distinctions between types of trafficking
      • Social movements, innovation and creating positive change
      • Overview of U.S. government efforts and policies combating human trafficking
      • Current state laws and policies combating human trafficking 
      • Coalition-building, collective impact, and other cross-sector collaboration
      • Strategic overview of Allies' unique Slave-Free City model
      • Sector-specific responses