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New partnership puts survivors at the center of statewide data initiative to combat human trafficking in Texas

Allies Against Slavery and AnnieCannons will work together to build new tools within the Lighthouse platform for analyzing and visualizing human trafficking data.

Allies Against Slavery is thrilled to announce a new partnership with AnnieCannons, an organization that works to transform survivors of trafficking and gender-based violence into software professionals. Allies selected AnnieCannons to provide technical support for the Lighthouse Data Initiative, an effort funded by a grant from the Texas Governor’s Office to analyze and visualize human trafficking data across the state.
AnnieCannons’ technical expertise and organizational values made them the clear choice for partnership on this initiative,” said John Nehme, Allies President and CEO. “We are excited to work with them to ensure survivors not only inform but help build the Lighthouse Data platform to drive the collective intelligence Texas needs to eradicate human trafficking.”  
The current landscape of information about human trafficking is fragmented. The goal of the Lighthouse Data Initiative is to collect, organize, and compare data from multiple local, regional, and national sources in one place. Once built, stakeholders statewide will use the analytical capabilities of the Lighthouse platform to discover new connections and insights that inform data-driven solutions
Allies’ Lighthouse Data Initiative is the kind of project we dreamed of when we founded AnnieCannons – a tool that leverages the immense power of software and computing to more effectively fight human trafficking and improve survivor well-being, said Jessica Hubley, AnnieCannons’ CEO. Our developers, all of whom are survivors of human trafficking and gender based violence, want to be working on this kind of platform.
Trafficking exists in darkness and silence. Through this initiative, Allies aims to illuminate the issue and give front-line service providers the tools and information they need to protect the freedom and dignity of the most vulnerable in Texas. By partnering with Annie Cannons, Allies ensures that survivor needs, voices, and perspectives will be an integral part of the development process.
About Allies Against Slavery
Allies Against Slavery harnesses the power of technology, data, and partnerships to protect freedom and dignity. Lighthouse is a platform built by Allies Against Slavery to help identify victims, coordinate care, and understand trends in data. Together we can stop human trafficking by illuminating the signs and taking action. Allies is located in Austin, Texas. Learn more at
About AnnieCannons
AnnieCannons is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to training survivors of human trafficking in coding and other in-demand technology skills. Client development projects are sourced to help students earn without fear of extant barriers and to work toward a world where no one with the insight or potential to innovate is denied the opportunity on the basis of her race, gender, or previous condition of servitude. Learn more at
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