An innovative software solution that helps you and your organization understand trends in human trafficking, spot victims of exploitation, and coordinate quality care.

Better data saves lives

88% of trafficking victims say they interacted with a professional who missed the chance to identify and help them.1



A proven solution

Endorsed by the Texas Governor’s Child Sex Trafficking Team, Lighthouse is used by a growing number of agencies across the state to combat human trafficking.

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How it works

Lighthouse uses the latest security protocols to aggregate and share data securely. It works alongside your existing systems and is up and running in minutes!

“Lighthouse allowed us to identify more kids who would have slipped through the cracks. Now we look at every single kid differently, through a trauma informed perspective. They are getting advocates in us.”

– Dawn Owens, Assistant Director, Bell County Juvenile Services

Stop exploitation in its tracks


Identify victims

Innovative and easy-to-use, Lighthouse shines a light on the signs of exploitation, so you can better recognize people who need your help.

Coordinate care

Lighthouse helps groups and organizations work together to deliver targeted care and build stronger safety nets for survivors.


Understand trends

Using statewide data, Lighthouse delivers timely insights so decision makers can understand and respond quickly to trafficking in their communities.

Illuminate and protect

Lighthouse is powered by Allies Against Slavery, an organization that harnesses the power of technology, data, and partnerships to protect freedom and dignity.