Equipping Texas to Protect Freedom and Dignity with Lighthouse

Individuals who are being trafficked, particularly youth, are often “invisible.” They show up in our schools, clinics, shelters and foster homes, frequently encountering adults who could help them, but they rarely say “this is happening to me.” 
Allies Against Slavery introduced Lighthouse to equip professionals with a tool to identify victims of human trafficking within vulnerable populations. Lighthouse can help identify the signs of trauma and adverse experiences that are prevalent among trafficking victims, enabling social workers, advocates, law enforcement and other professionals to provide targeted care and a path to healing. 
Lighthouse allows data to be shared securely among groups and organizations, opening avenues for collaboration to build stronger safety nets for victims. The data collected through Lighthouse provides insights to stakeholders who need to understand how trafficking is affecting their communities. Allies is partnering with the Office of the Texas Governor Child Sex Trafficking Team (CSTT) to expand Lighthouse’s capabilities to analyze and visualize data across Texas.
The CSTT has advocated for pervasive and proactive screening of vulnerable youth, in order to identify more victims, respond quickly, and develop coordinated plans for care. The Commercial Sexual Exploitation – Identification Tool (CSE-IT), a screening tool developed by the WestCoast Children’s Clinic in California, has been endorsed by the CSTT and widely adopted across Texas. 
Allies is excited to announce that through our partnership with WestCoast, the CSE-IT is now available in Lighthouse, enabling professionals to screen individuals more effectively and better understand trafficking patterns and trends in their communities. As CSE-IT results are aggregated with other data sources in Lighthouse, the CSTT and other stakeholders will gain even greater insight to combat human trafficking in Texas.

So, what does this all mean? And more importantly, what can you do to help? If you’re a professional working with vulnerable youth, you can start using Lighthouse with CSE-IT to identify trafficking victims who may be hidden in plain sight. Encourage your organization to partner with others using Lighthouse, to securely share data and build collaborative care plans. If you’re a friend of Allies and community anti-trafficking advocate, please consider supporting our work and investing in Lighthouse. 

We’re very grateful for you!   

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